They reschedled it!!!!!!!!

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They reschedled it!!!!!!!!

Hey gals I just got back from Jasmin's shoot. We went with Kohl's and had to say thanks anyways to the commercial and guess what... they reschedled it for her!!!!!! I am so excited. It is a back to school commercial. Bad thing is they want us in Chicago tom. morning and I already have to be there Wed morning for the Claire's shoot. It's okay I don't work so I just think of it as my part time or I guess full time this week, job. I am excited I did not just bail on Kohl's and we still got the Sears job. Thanks to you all for all of your advice with her and I will tell you all asap when the commercial is on air! Now to catch up on you all I am having withdraws:)

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That's so exciting for you guys Tia!! Yahoo I'm excited and I don't even know you IRL. Smile KUP on the air dates!!

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That is great!

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That's cool! Glad its working out!!

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Woot woot!! That is so awesome girl! So excited for you both!

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That is awesome!

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great news!

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Tia, that's great. Tell Jaz I want her autograph. One day that little girl is going to be famous.

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Wow, that is amazing! Yippeee!!!

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That's great news! I'm glad it all worked out.

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What a busy little woman! WTG Jazz! That's awesome!

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Yay! Great news!:yahoo:

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Clearly they really want her to reschedule everything, WTG!

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great news KUP