A thing of beauty - layout

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A thing of beauty - layout

I'm applying for a CT (Creative Team), this is the layout I did for it. I had to do it quick because we leave for holidays tomorrow and won't be back until after the call is over. Hopefully I get on, I really like her stuff!

Click on the image for credits.

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You always do such beautiful work and have an incredible eye for color. They will be sorely missing out if they don't choose you.

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I sure hope you get it, you belong on a CT!

Yet another beautiful layout from you - you really have a great eye!

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lovely as usual Biggrin What's a Creative Team all about though? I'm clueless

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"captainswife" wrote:

lovely as usual Biggrin What's a Creative Team all about though? I'm clueless

I copied this from her blog, she explains it really well:

For those of you new to the Digiscrap world, a CT is a GREAT bunch of girls (or guys, I guess!) who use a Designer's products to make layouts, then post them in different galleries as publicity to the Designer. The CT gets the Designers products for free, and the Designers gets lots of promotion. It's a Win/Win for both parties!

I have been on 2 CT's previously, one as a guest for a month and one on a permanent one, but I didn't like that one too much, as the designer did kits, and I like to mix & match from different things all over the place, not just use 1 kit per layout, plus it felt too much like 'work', so I quit that one. I really would LOVE to be on a site CT (where you have access to all the designers at that site, not just 1), but those spots are hard to come by and they go to the women who do nothing but scrap (seems like anyways, some of them are on 8-10 CT's! With requirements of 3-4 layouts a month each!).

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Trina, you SO deserve to be on a CT!!! Your work is amazing! This layout is no exception. I agree with Michelle...you would be sorely missed if not chosen.

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That is very beautiful!

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Love that pic and the LO too. Nice work.

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Great Page!

I was thinking about trying for her CT too but I can't decide on a picture to use

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LOVE it!

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I love it! I hope you get the job!

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WOW! What a stunning l/o!!!

Nice work!


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Oh that is great! Truly beautiful. Good luck

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I'm rooting for ya!