For those that pray (Ot)

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For those that pray (Ot)

Please Please Please pray that DH's job comes through soon. We've been left in limbo for months as far as finding out if he's going to be permanent. First they filled the position he was supposed to get by mistake with someone else, but they couldn't let him go, because he hadn't done anything wrong. So we waited nine more months for another position and in December they told him, he will be hired, just as soon as they process his application. Well his boss just called corporate down in TX (we're in CA) and they can't find his paperwork anywhere, so it needs to be reprocessed.

He's ben a temp for almost 16 months now and he was supposed to be permanent after three months. This is really getting annoying.

eta: Also, if you've heard on the news about the four officers that were shot last Saturday in Oakland, please pray for the OPD. Our whole city is in shock. My friend Michael works for them. He's having nightmares every night. There are more people that can't deal with this than you can imagine.

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Sending prayers up. Please KUP!

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aww, sending prayers for everyone both situations!

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Sending you prayers! That's awful about the officers.

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So sorry about your DH's job. That is so frustrating. I'm glad they are still working to get him processed as permanent, but sounds like a messed up process.

We will pray for you guys and OPD tonight.

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Praying for you all.

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You and your family will be in my prayers. I hope your DH gets the job position!

Yes, it's so incredibly sad about the officers that were shot. Their family and friends will be in my prayers. Sad

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Will gladly send prayers your way girl. KUP!