Thought I would share a few

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Thought I would share a few

These were layouts i did at the beginning of this year before my daughter was born. I figured i would share a few with you all because you all appreciate it.

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Those are REALLY nice! I really like the first one with all the pretty flowers!

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Once again I love them. You have been holding out!

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Lets see some more!!!

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Those are super great!! Got some great ideas from these!! Love the fairy princess one especially.

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Oh I love the bright colors and the flowers. That first one is my favorite.

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If we lived near each other, your children and mine would be destined to be friends. Wonderful layouts!

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they are beautiful! they have this wonderful simplicity to them ... really nice.

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1. I love the flowers! Esp. the one big flower in the corner!

2. The eyelets are really fantastic here! Creative!

3. My favorite of all! The design is really nice and I like the hidden journaling tag. (I assume that's what it is atleast)

4. Another great page! Good idea to scrap the tree and presents like that.

5. So sweet and great colors!

I'm soooo glad you shared these!! THANK YOU!

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LOVE the semi circle of flowers, that is such a good idea! And I love the Twas the night before Christmas with all the presents, that's a great memory to scrap!

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I love them! Those are some really good ideas too!

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Those are fantastic!! You really did an awesome job!
The first one is just perfect! I love the fairies on the side.
The fire on the 'Human Torch' page= awesome!
Awesome paper on the Night before Christmas one!
I would love to see more from you! Great job!!!

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those are fantastic!! way to go!:D

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very cute, and very nice work tfs

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ow wow they are fantastic hon my fav has to be the first one with the semi circle of flowers i may have scraplift that idea.

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I love how you have the 1 bigger picture on the first page. Those Christmas papers look delicious on the page with the tree!

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Those are great! My favorites are the fairy princess and night before Christmas.