Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

My brain is shot this morning so I'll keep it simple...

what are people's plans for this weekend?

I plan to do a little scrapping, a lot of cleaning, go to second hand stores to look for toys to buy and then get lots and lots of sleep. lol

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We may rip out a built in desk in the dining room. Other than that we don't ahve a lot of plans. I got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so right now I am just hanging low.Hopefully I will get to scrapbook some too:)

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"pickle in middle" wrote:

I got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so right now I am just hanging low.Hopefully I will get to scrapbook some too:)

Ouch Lena! I had it done, too. If they didn't tell you, put warm tea bags on your gums. It'll help stop any bleeding and it feels good. Also, try to sleep propped up to help keep the facial swelling down.

My weekends are always finishing up last minute stuff for Sunday morning. I also clean another church for a little extra cash and usually do that Saturday mornings.

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Possibly going to see my grandma for a little get-together for her birthday. Definitely should clean some, too!

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Oh, DH say we are working on the garage Smile

We have a game night for Mom's group on Saturday and church on Sunday. It is my mom's weekend off too, so she may show up for a night.

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I am going to a baby shower for one of Zoe's daycare teachers. It's a girl, so I get to do some fun shopping today for a gift Smile Love buying baby presents!

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I've been battling migranes, sinus headaches and near migranes all week. I have a headache now. My only goal is to try and get rid of them this weekend. Okay, not my ONLY goal... but a big one. Have some church work I HAVE to get done too.

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Friday, nothing. I need to clean my house.
Saturday, I need to run errands -- pick up groceries, cake, clean house. We have our couple's bowling league that night, MIL will watch Miles.
Sunday, Miles is getting baptized. We are having our families over after the service for lunch and cake.

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Well no plans for the weekend but tonight we have a date and I just got a raise, so we'll be celebrating that.

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Friday- Maybe some cleaning.
Saturday- Randall is going to help MIL with some stuff, and I am not thrilled about, I guess I will be hanging out over there.
Sunday- church, nap, church. Wink

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I don't have any plans this weekend! Woot! Smile (Other than my normal cleaning frenzy...)

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No big plans for me. My mom needs some help deciding what to wear for the dog show next weekend. I really need to do a deep clean on the kitchen and to sort through Karl's toys (pack up ones he doesn't use).

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I got Saturday off, have no idea what I'm going to do.....hmm, maybe scrapbook when Ty's down for a nap.....LOL But it would be nice to go see a movie. Sunday I work.

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Lots of laundry, and hopefully some scrapbooking.

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DH's birthday is saturday, so we are going over to IL's house for dinner and visiting. SIL, BIL and their month old baby will be there. Yay for cudling a little one (and yay for DH's bday too, haha).

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We are starting a bible study group in our home next we are spending all weekend doing "winter cleaning" and also some other small home improvement projects (installing coat rack system in downstairs closet etc.). Plus I am hoping to get in a little scrapbooking late each evening. Oh I guess I will get some down...we are having a crop night tomorrow night!!!! I almost forgot!!!

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no plans this weekend just layin low!

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I really wish I could say scrapbooking but I doubt it. Maybe, you never know.

Friday- I have the kids so my day will be spent entertaining T.J., grading schoolwork, acting like a warden, and trying to straighten the house.

Saturday- We are going to the circus! MIL bought tickets for DH, me and DS to attend the circus with MIL and FIL. Afterward we are going to Olive Garden (YUM!) for MIL's birthday with the rest of the extended family.

Sunday- Pick up the kids, go to chuch, eat lunch with ILs and DS grandmother who will be visiting. I don't make the kids do school on Sunday's so hopefully the rest of the day will be relaxing. I am hoping to make a run to Lowes at some point because I am hoping to paint the former office this next week since the kids will be out of town.

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