Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

Tell us something about yourself that you think we don't already know...doesn't have t be something really personal...could be just a quirky trait or past experience...

Something you may not know about me is that I sing pretty much everything and everywhere. I do not claim to be good. Lol (though I don't think I'm AS bad as wayne says Wink )I just love to sing lol Commercial jingles, background music, bits of songs I hear anywhere I start bopping and singing along. It drives Wayne nuts. lol

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I love classic dance. Don't have much to do with it anymore but danced all through school and into college.

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I was on the show "The People's Court."

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I sing all the time too, Karen. I can sing (in choir all through school and took voice lessons) but usually I am singing silly things and making up alternate lyrics for songs. So I sing in a silly voice and not my normal voice. I did sing at 2 weddings, though.

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I have webbed toes. They aren't completely webbed, but two are webbed a bit. My brother's are much, much worse.

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My brother has webbed toes! DS's are a tiny bit, but nothing compared to my brother's! LOL

Hmmm...I was part of a music exchange when I was in high school. I went to England as part of a small singing group.

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I'm addicted to Coronation Street - a british prime-time soap opera that airs in Canada about 9 months after it does in the UK ... and I'm contantly trying to find out what happens by looking at spoilers online .... and then am SOOOOO disappointed when I find out lol.

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I haven't drinked any soda since 1996-I was only 13. Like not even punch with soda or any carbonated drinks. It all started with my best friend's dad giving her a dare to quit drinking soda for a month and he'd give her $100. I did it too to help her out (didn't get the money though lol). After making it a month, i thought "why not see if I can do it for a year" and so forth. After a year, I figured why not give them up completely. I mean, there's nothing healthy about them anyways. So here 13 years later I'm still Soda Free.

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That's awesome Charys!!! I cut soda out b/c of braces, since then I mainly drink water w/ a soda every once in a while.

I played shot put and discus in high school for 2 years. Lettered in discus. Was also part of the yearbook staff my senior year.

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I've never had an alcoholic drink in all my life. I tried a sip of champagne and didn't like it. That was enough for me.

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"sadieruth" wrote:

I have webbed toes. They aren't completely webbed, but two are webbed a bit. My brother's are much, much worse.

I have webbed toes too!!! my second and third toe. it runs in my family on my mom's side...hers and my grandma's are worse than mine and my sister's aren't quite as bad as mine. we like to call them duck toes haha!

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I once got a sewing needle stuck in my knee.

I read a book every night in our nursery. We prepared it during our homestudy and it's been waiting for 2 long years to be filled so its just my little time to spend in there.

I eat ketchup or strawberry jelly on almost everything! Really!!

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Hmm.... how about I have pet rats and have had them since I was 6 years old.

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I have a scar on my thumb from when I was 5 and put it in the car cigarette lighter. No one in my family smoked, I wasn't sure what it did and was just playing with it. It took forever to heal, and believe me I've never forgotten it!

(do they even use those in cars anymore?)

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My brother did that with his index finger when he was three. Dad was running late for work, so he wrapped it in a towel, took us to work with him and told mom "he might need medical attention" when she picked us up. (He was a police dispatcher at that time. They let him bring us to work, and we'd sit in the lobby for the 45 minutes until my mom got off of work.)

But this is about me. Hmmm....I'm a grown adult who still has to sleep with a nightlight, but it can't be too bright. Well, I can sleep without one, especially if others are in the room with me, but it's difficult getting to sleep on those nights.

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I am am an avid scrapper and crafter...but I am horrible about finishing projects before starting another. So I have tons of partially done scrapbooks and craft projects sitting around! It is very embarrasing whenever someone comes over and asks about something they knew I was working on....and I can't show them the finished product...because I have found something else that distracted me...and I just had to do it right then.

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Wow, I have some things in common with a lot of you!

Let's see... I also love to sing... I was in choir and madrigals all through h.s....commercial jingles get stuck in my head, but if I don't know all the words it drives me crazy until I figure them all out.

I used to be addicted to soap operas, and coca-cola, but that was a looong time ago... My beverage of choice now is sprite. Don't even drink coffee.

I've had about 3 sips of alcohol in my life. The first was champange at my hs bff's brother's 21st b-day party. I think I was 16. Their mom let us have a sip because she knew we wouldn't like it. Very smart. Wink

I was on the yearbook staff my senior year.

And Melody, I could have written your post... I have so many unfinished projects it's ridiculous.

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