Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

Sorry so late in getting this out...usually I get on here before the daycare kids come in the morning but we woke to a load of snow again (argh!) so I spent that time shoveling our annoyingly long driveway. Lol

Anyhoo! Thursday!....

Do you have any scars? What/where are they?

My main ones are from having my gall bladder/gallstones out in 2004...was supposed to be "keyhole" but I was left with a long line scar right below my bra line that was about 3 inches long...thankfully it's shrunk slightly over the last couple years....not that I care anyway as I do NOT show this belly off regardless. lol.
I also have these funny white scar lines (lots) down both of my calves from when I was 12 ...I was delivering newspapers and fell down a flight of cement stairs in wasn't pretty. lol

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I have a scar just below my left knee from a car accident that I had when I was 18.

I have a scar just above my left knee from a biopsy that I had last year.

I have a small (barely noticeable to anyone but me I'm sure ;)) scar on my forehead from when I had the chicken pox when I was 8. Smile

And I just want to say YIKES to falling down the cement stairs! Ouch!

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C-section scar, which is getting smaller, yay! Not so angry looking anymore, after a year.

I've got scars all over my knees from falling off my bike every year that I HAD a bike.

I've got a scar on my right calf from scratching it badly on a broken rubbermaid bin while I was pregnant and it never healed right.

And I've got a raised, puffy, angry looking scar on my left 'achilles' heal from a screen door that came back and slapped me in the ankle when I was letting the dog in almost a year ago - doesn't hurt anymore, although it looks like it does. I'm a klutz, what can I say?

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One on my wrist from a surgery.

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I have my gall bladder scars. One in the belly button, one at bra area, and one in the middle of my midsection.
I have my appendix scars. I have one long scar over where my appendix was plus a small hole scar over each ovary. (They weren't sure about my appendix so they went exploring.)
I have a W shaped scar underneath my bottom lip where I bit through my lip in 5th grade. It required 27 stitches.
I have a scar on my wrist where I got it stuck in the top of a chain link fence.
I have 2 smaller scars on my face where I had acid injections to remove cysts caused by an allergic reaction to sunscreen.
I have 1000 stretch marks that are never, ever gonna go away. Smile

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I have small circles on the tips of two of my knuckles on my right hand. When I was 10 or so I was skatebaording and scraped the back of my hand against the asphalt I never really thought they were all that bad a scrapes but the scars never faded on them so they must have been pretty deep. They are not very noticable scars at least.

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One underneath my chin from a bicycle accident.
One on one of my ankles from slipping on jagged rock.
About an inch and a half above my belly button, I have an inch long scar from a cyst that decided to form after a DAMN ZIT! I had to have it removed twice! It was the worst procedure I've ever had. Even after my pregnancy its still not bad at all, maybe the stretching of the skin helped it not be so noticable.

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This is painful reading. Wink

Besides stretch marks you mean?

I have a pretty good scar on my left leg from falling off a deck we were building when i was about 8. I landed on a huge nail and it took a good chunk out of my leg.

And 2 chicken pox scars on my right side of my face.

And the usual scarred up legs from being a tomboy growing up!! Smile

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My stretch marks
My incision from having my tubes tied- looks like I was butchered.
Some very faint markings on my hand from when I burnt it.
Scar on my foot from when I had surgery on it.
Very faint scar along the bottom of my lip (you can't even notice it until I attempt to put lip liner on) from falling off my bike.
Various other scars from running wild in the country as a kid.

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A road map of strecth marks from my preg and then a BIG scar from the c-section that followed.

One under my wedding ring when I scrapped my finger with my own finger nail!! OUCH!

One on my left shin where I fell off my bike and got a rock stuck in my leg.

Inside my top lip that is the impressions of my front 4 teeth from a nasty car accident I was in.

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I have one under each boob I am sure you can figure that one out lol and one on my leg from when I was little and my dad and I were shooting horseshoes, he missed:eek:

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c-section scar on my belly.
scar on my scalp from surgery to remove a cyst growth thingy (lol)
scar on my elbow from falling off my bike riding up a hill. should have gotten stitches because the nerves got wayyyy messed up.
scars on my fingers from cigarettes when i was little. (not me smoking but being accidently burned by my mom or nana)
self inflicted scars on my left wrist and right thigh(*sad face*)
2 cat scratches on my left arm that look like vampire bites.
scars from IV's on my forearms and hands.
i think thats all

ETA: chicken pox scar near my eyebrow (not sure if its the left or right and i dont wanna look right now)
and yeah lots and lots of stretch marks (ew)

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Somehow I missed this one....

I have a scar on my right middle finger. I caught on fire. Yep, you read that right. We were having a firework fight (I was about 12 or so) and I was wearing a vest. Well, someone threw a firework at me and it landed in my vest and caught on fire. It burned my hand pretty good. It's just a small scar now though. It's always a good story though.

I have tons, and tons of stretch marks. :rolleyes:

This year, I have burnt myself so many time on our new fireplace insert. So, I have about 3-4 scars on my arms. They don't look pretty at all.

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Aja...what about the one on the back of your head. Smile

ok here are mine.

1. 1 inch fat scar above my belly button...hernia surgery
2. right shin 2 inches kindergarten i fell off the play structure and caught a screw that was sticking out on the way down!
3. left brest where a lump was removed
4. left shoulder from 2's a nasty scar, it's called a keloid. It looks like someone stuck pink bubble gum to my shoulder lol
5. just above the right side of my upper lip, i was at my aunt and uncles who live in the mountains. my cousin and i were down at the creek on the rope swing and i fell off of it and hit face first into the creek.
6. one on my forehead from falling out of bed and hitting the corner of the night stand.
7. one on the inside of my right wrist. We were up at a lake staying in cabins and my friends and i were playing around and they shut me out and i thought i was just knocking on the window. apparently i did it too hard and broke it and cut my wrist.
8. inside of my right middle finger right where my finger meets the palm, a drill bit went into my hand.
9. i have a scar on the middle part of my nose...from a nose job
10. i have two chicken pox scars on the top of my left breast.

hhmmmm i think that's it. LOL oh wait...i have 1000 stretch marks too from Eli. lol

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I had most of my cartilage in my knee removed due to a freak accident involving a sewing needle. :eek: I have 2 large scars on my knee that look like caterpillars! I also have some scars from chicken pox when I was 16!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a big one on my bikini line (like a c-section cut) from having a cyst removed from an ovary.

i've got 6 little x's all over my abdomen, also from having a cyst removed

one scar on my right thigh from getting burned on a 4-wheeler when it rolled on us -- muffler?

eta stretch marks galore

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MY c-section scars
I have a 3 inche scar on my left shoulder from surgery
a small scar on my right knee from a bad fall

These are the only ones I can think of.