Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

What does your name mean, and how did you get it?

Mine (Karen) means "pure"..... which is a take on the name Catherine (my Mom) and that also means pure. Growing up people would always comment on how fitting that was and I'd always think "argh. I hate being the good girl." lol. Now I'm glad I am. Smile
I was supposed to be called Melissa for a was my Dad's Grandma's only wish but he changed his mind, probably to spite her knowing him. Oh well, hopefully she's haunting him as we speak. LOL

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Lizabeth means "oath of God" I'm named after my great great grandmother.

Elijah: "lord of my God" Hayden: deffinition not listed but it's my father's middle name.

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Erin - Peace
Beautiful Jewel in the Midst of a Tranquil Sea

Take your pick.

My mom had never heard of the name Erin until she was a student teacher. She had a second grader named Erin and she thought it was the most beautiful name she'd ever heard. It was also the only name she and my dad could agree on for a girl.

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Aja - Steely Dan Album "Aja". It was that or Rhiannon from Fleetwood Mac. Dad is a musician and my parents didn't even know if I was a boy or girl, good thing I was a girl! Phewww! As far as its meaning....It's Hindi and it means GOAT! I don't think my parents know that!!!

Dyan - Play off of my grandmother's name, Diane.

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Charys: nothing hahahaha
Actually, I go by Charity: grace.

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Sadie is a nickname for Sarah- which is my real name. If you look either of them up, they mean princess. (yeah, that's me! Wink ) My g-ma wanted my mom to name me Sarah, but call me Sadie, and apparently my mom agreed!

Ruth- it means beautiful friend. My g-ma's middle name was Ruth, and I was born on her b-day. So of course, I was named after her! Also, my aunt's middle name is Ruth as well. So is Ruthie's!

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I suppose both of the names canceled each other out. Blum 3 I was named after my great grandmother who was probably the strongest woman I ever met.

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Michelle- "Who is like God?" (Yes, it's a question, NOT a statement)
My parents just liked it as far as I know.

Caleb- Brave (or "faithful, like a dog is to it's master") Paul (humble), Christopher (Christ Like)
Anna- gracious, Michelle (see above), Ruth (beautiful)
Katie- Pure

Actually, Katie's name is funny- We named her Katie Darice Marie....Katie for Katharina Von Bora (Martin Luther's Wife)... Darice after my mom's name and Marie for my middle name. Yeah... her name means Pure Queen-like Rebelliousness. She's living up to it already too.

Actually, all of my kids fit their names really well.

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Gwendolyn - white browed, intelligent - it's Celtic. And I have no idea why they named it me, I think Mom just liked it. I hated it for years. I mean, really hated it. They almost named me Jessica or Erica. My next youngest sibling is Eric (and his birthday is tomorrow)

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My given name is Bethany -- it means House of Bread (or House of Figs).

My parents wanted to give me a name similar to my grandmother's (Elizabeth), but not exactly the same. They picked Bethany which was fairly popular that year and we had three other Bethany's in my grade!

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I believe Lisa means "consecrated to God". However, my mom was a huge Elvis fan. Therefore I was named Lisa Marie. Good thing I wasn't a boy, lol.