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Ok, I just have to say don't let your dh stop you from scraplifting! It's a natural part of life! LOL I scraplift a lot - even if it's not a direct copy, it's ideas you see that get your brain going - so tell your dh it's a 'LIFT' not a 'COPY' and he'll see the difference when you're done! Smile

Thanks for the wonderful comments on my layouts, ladies - I :wub: you!

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I lift a lot too! Even if it's just a little thing on the particular layout. I love making a lift my own though...it's part of scrapbooking! Smile

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I love scraplifting. I find it a great way to come up with new ideas. taking bits and pieces from other people.

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I showed him this and he laughed:) Thanks, Trina Smile