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Tidbit and pages

Okay, with Andrea sick I've had more time to scrap. I even made a baby blanket and two burp cloths and started some shoes.

Anyway, it dawned on me tonight that Andrea probably has fifth disease. Croup doesn't generally go with fifth disease so I could be wrong, but pink cheeks is a huge flag of fifth, so it could be a while before she is better. It has been 10 days already.

Here are my pages. I used the kit from Shabby Princess, Happy Go Lucky.

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I'm sorry your DD is sick. I don't know what fifth disease is... whatever it is it's not what we call it over here... I hope she's better soon!

I love your two LO's. The second is my favourite and i love the little coloured words. Smile

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oh wow, 10 days Sad poor kiddo, I hope she feels better soon!
Love the pages. Especially the second one. That kit goes great with those pictures.

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I'm sorry she is still sick. We have kids at school with fifth disease all the times. From what I understand once the cheeks break out (and often the trunk too) she is no longer contagious and almost over it. The school nurse said the breakout is the end of it and that's why it spreads easy, the symptoms don't start with onset.

I love both these LO. The pony tags on the 1st one fits so well. The 2nd one is my favorite. LOVE the paisley and the word tags on that, very whimsical looking. Great job!

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That really sucks that Andrea is so sick still Sad I hope it clears up fast for you!

Those pages are really nice - the photos of them walking away on the bridge are just gorgeous, you picked a perfect kit to display them!

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I'll take a sick kid over a sick hubby any day, though my heart breaks when my kids are sick.

All the extras on the pony page just really accent the pictures so well. And that second layout... wowwie wow is all I can say!

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cuuuute!! I love the pony tags too Biggrin

We must not call it fifth disease either in Canada ...unless I've been living under a rock cuz I've never heard of it...do you know Trina? Regardless I hope she's better soon!

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I hope Andrea is feeling better soon!

your pages look great! i love the one of her running with the words!

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Poor sweetie! I hope she gets to feeling better.

The second layout is my favorite....it's just so pretty and sweet!

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That is soooooo long to be sick poor thing. I hope she's well soon, that has to be so hard.

Your LOs are great.

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(((HUGS))) for Andrea and mommy! I really hope she turns the corner soon!

I LOVE that kit and you used it beautifully! The pony tags together make a great title. And I love the way you used the "busy" papers to frame both those layouts! Love the pictures you took, too. Smile

And yay for some other creative time as well!

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poor Andrea! hope she's better fast.

cute pages though, that second one is adorable!