Time is running out!!!

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Time is running out!!!

I've got 4 days left until his birthday party! and I have 4 pages left of Tyler's #3 book to do!

Here are the latest!! Sorry about the quality! The smaller the file, the easier and faster the download! LOL

This was my scrapbooking block page......but I'm so happy w/ the end result! (Since I literally started all over!)

I kept this page simple b/c I wanted the baby food jars to show as much as possible.

I kinda stumbled through this one too....plus my 1st time journaling!

I know how to spell "starring", it just didn't fit on the paper! LOL

Getting funky w/ this one! LOL

Thanks for looking!!!

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nice LOs Smile

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1. Love the charms!
2. I've just got to know...where did you find baby food paper? Tooo cute!
3. The title is so cute and matches the photos perfectly!
4. The knotted ribbon is a great idea! I've never seen that before.
5. You are rockin' the stitching! Love it on this! This is my favorite out of all these!!

Great LO's!

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They look so great!! I always enjoy looking at your pages. You show some really great ideas. (I love what you do with the stitching!! I have that baby food jar paper too... haven't used it though.. but i love what you did with yours! Great job!! Your family and friends are going to have a blast looking through those albums!! (wonder how many you will get to start up scrapbooking for themselves...)

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WOW these are really nice LO!! your little man is SOOOO cute!

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"MommyCB" wrote:

2. I've just got to know...where did you find baby food paper?

Michael's. As soon as I saw it, I HAD to have it! LOL

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LOVE that baby food paper!!!!

You can do it! (finish the 4 pages...that's only 1 a day!)

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Those are adorable!!

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those are great! you really pick some of the best colors, I love how vibrant his pages are!

I used those jars on a really cool baby food page, that paper is neat! I should post that page for kicks even though it's so old.

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Love the baby food paper!

You do such a great job with all of your stitching to!

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You are really knocking out some fabulous pages!!! I can't pick a favorite, they're all so wonderful. I do love that pic in the "Grin & Giggles" page though ... just really makes me smile!


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Those turned out great. Your first one is wonderful. I love the charmes and the ribbon. The second one has such a great background paper. I just love that! I can see why you kept it simple to show off the jars. The third one is great. I'm so glad you journaled on it. It makes it so much better to hear an antidote about what he did. The background paper and the titling go together so well. I love your font and all the stars on that second one. It is great. Unfortunately, my computer is not loading the last page. It is just my work computer being dumb as usual. Great work!

Oh, and I just know you are going to get the last 4 pages done!

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i love the grins and giggles. Parker makes that face.

great job. better then im doing.

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Great job on the LO's!! You definitely gave me some ideas!