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tip for today

I was just scrapbook shopping at Walmart and I wanted to do a layout with flowers bordering around the entire lo. Well as you all know those packs of flowers are abot 4 to 5$ and you only get about 6 flowers.
Sooooooo I bought a fake bouquet of them. It was only 2$ and has about 40 flowers. They are super easy to pull right off and use on your page or card.
I also bought 5 jars of mandrin oranges cause the glass jars were so cute I want to use them as storage. DH was like geezzzz enough oranges and I was like yeah, the kids love them. lol

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LOL@ the comment to your dh .... I would do that same - and good tip on the flowers!

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GREAT tip!! Silk flowers ARE a great, inexpensive way to use flowers...smart thinking! LOL, I'm cracking up at the mandarin oranges!!!!!! OMG, too funny!! Kayson loves mandarins, so I could probably pull that past DH without him asking. Wink hahaha!!

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that is a great idea! i didnt even think of that! i always walk by the little flowers and think to myself "thats way to much money for 4 stinkin flowers" and i really laughed out loud to the comment to your DH!! haha

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Great tip!! Not sure what flowers you are talking about that are so expensive, but sounds like the fake ones are a much better deal. Funny bout the jars too. Smile

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LOL at the mandarin oranges. DD loves them. DH loves the jars! And we used some of those jars for a craft project with my Girl Scout troop (we filled them with colored, scented Epsom salts).

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We buy all our canned fruit in glass jars so it wouldn't bother my husband if I walked in with 5 jars. My kids eat a jar a sitting between the 3 of them!

I've done this with fake flowers. The effect is really nice.

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Tia thanks for the tips on the flowers. I was just looking at them at michaels today..... I think I'm totally going to do this soon.