Tip of the Week (using paper for faux ribbon)

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Tip of the Week (using paper for faux ribbon)

Haha, I figured I might be able to keep up with one tip a week. Right? You'd think so! Let's see how this goes....

Anyways, today's tip is how you can create "ribbon" from any paper strip. I created this card for a sketch challenge, but I wanted to use yellow ribbon.

Looked through my stash and found I didn't have any yellow ribbon, so I cut a strip of yellow gingham paper and folded it accordian-style to resemble ribbon. I stitched it the to paper, but you could also use glue for this.

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I do this all the time, except I've never bunched it like that. I've never done that to my ribbon either. Thanks for the tip. And yes, lets hope we can do one tip a week.

BTW, that is the CUTEST card. You should submit that.

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it really looks like ribbon in the pic! i agree that card is amazing!

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Very cute indeed! I'll admit that Ive used paper for ribbon more than Ive actually used ribbon Wink Yours is MUCH cuter though!

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That looks just like ribbon! Great card Charys!

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Awesome tip.. I always wanted to use ribbon but never have the kind I like.. but now that I know paper can be used... It's great..

thanks for the tip.

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LOVE that card Charys, and I just read this tip in the new Scrapbooksetc magazine. TFS

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Wow! That totally looks like ribbon!

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That is adorable Smile