Today is World Card-Making Day!

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Today is World Card-Making Day!

So.... go make a card!
And if you would... write a little note of thanks and encouragement to a soldier for my 2nd Annual, Cards-for-our-Troops Care Package.

PM me or post it here if you'd like... I will print it and include it in a blank card for a soldier, so that they can reuse the card to send home or give to another soldier.

Last year, I got a lot of items donated (local), but not so many letters :(, so I thought I'd ask here...

For more info or for a list of other items needed for the care package, see my blog (in siggy) or feel free to ask questions here or by pm.

Rita :loveUSA:

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hey rita,

that sounds great. i am seriously broke at the moment so I can't even mail a card...but if you have extra cards coming in and would still like a letter I am more than happy to write one. I'll pm it to you if you like. Just let me know :bigarmhug:

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I'll do my best to write a letter. When do you need them by?

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I think that's an awesome idea! We had K's birthday party today (updates later) or I'd have scrapped. But I will try and get you some cards mailed off.

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Thanks so much ladies!
I can make more cards if I end up with more letters... but last year it was letters i needed most.

I will be collecting for the next 2-3 weeks and then I want to get it sent out so that they will hopefully get it before the holidays.

I am sending it through the anysoldier program where they make sure that soldiers who don't get much/any mail are the recipients.

Here's a copy/paste from my blog with last year's info for the care package:

[LEFT]World Card-Making Day

Cards for our Troops

For WCMD, I have decided to make and collect hand-made cards to send to our troops along with a care package. I will be sending the cards and care package to our troops through the website.

I am also asking for letters to include in the blank cards. Several of the soldiers have mentioned that they would like to have cards to give to other soldiers or to send home to loved ones. They also mention that letters and drawings from children are always a morale-booster!

I am compiling a list of items for the care package here:

*Hand-made cards – blank (so they can re-use), NO glitter
*Letters of thanks, support, and encouragement
*Letters/Cards/Drawings from children
(Note from the anysoldier website: can’t find it right now, but it said something like: Please don’t include anything in your letters that might make them feel sad, like, “Do you miss your family?” or, “I hope you don’t die.”)
*Food/Snack items:
Kool-aid, Crystal Light, Propel, Lipton, or any other individual powdered drink mixes,
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate
Flavored oatmeal packets, other instant cereal, Ramen noodles,
Protein bars, granola bars, cereal bars, Pop Tarts, etc
Beef Jerky, Trail Mix, Sunflower seeds,
Crackers, nuts, and dried fruit,
Gum, mints, etc
Candy (no chocolate, it will melt [FONT=Wingdings]L[/FONT] )
Skittles, starburst, hard candies, etc, etc
*Hygiene and Personal items:
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant
Shampoo / conditioners, Body wash, soap, razors, shave cream
Foot powder, baby wipes, hand sanitizer
Black gloves (stretchy one-size-fits-all kind)

*Entertainment, Other:
Anything to pass the time and keep their mind off missing home during their downtime
Books, magazines, puzzle books (crossword, Sudoku, etc)
Pens, stationery
Cheap handheld games
Playing cards, other games
Holiday decorations

*For the ladies:
Female soldiers find that some items are in short supply. I copy/pasted from a few of the requests…
Items that would be greatly appreciated for the female soldiers would be Tampons, panty liners, hairspray, conditioner, shampoo, toe-nail polish, emery boards, foot files, hair bands (brown or black colored), and Tweezers
Bobby pins, hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, razors, eyebrow shavers, shaving cream, mirrors, nair
Sometimes it would be nice to be able to put on a little makeup, so if we can some of the basics like eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, lotions, body sprays or perfume, etc.

Quotes from a few soldiers: (

“Thanks to all that donate and volunteer to this effort. It is greatly appreciated by all the soldiers here. Our living conditions and morale get better and better as time progresses. We take it day by day. We take our mission here seriously and most of us feel honored and proud to do it. It goes without saying that it gets stressed over here and sometimes we shake our heads and say why. And then people like you all come along with words of praise and encouragement that gives us that extra nudge we need every now and again.”

“We are blessed to have people like you who care. Your care packages have made smiles, warmed hearts, increased morale, and have shown more support than you can ever imagine. We have limited supplies here because there is not enough for the amount of troops assigned. Some Soldiers never receive packages from friends and family. So, your support really makes a difference.”

“I personally want to thank you all for supporting our troops regardless of how you may feel about the fact we are at war. Your outreach and genuine support has been felt by hundreds if not thousands of our troops. I feel blessed by each and every one of you who has responded with a kind note, word of thanks or a care package to be opened and shared with all. Until we all come home, Remember us, Pray for us.”

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I'll try to get you some cards/letters. this is a wonderful!