Today's Tip (Crop Checklist)

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Today's Tip (Crop Checklist)

This was stolen from Scrapbooks, Etc. May/June 2009. I thought it'd be perfect for here, since we are always wondering what to take to a crop. I'm going to a mini-crop this morning, so it came in handy.

Crop Checklist

photos (it happens to the best of us) Smile
cardstock and patterned paper
craft knife and paper trimmer
pencil and pen(s)
scissors and punches
adhesive (bring more than you think you'll need)
sketches and a copy of Scrapbooks, Etc. (can you tell they came up with this? Wink )
anything you'll need printed from your computer-journaling, Quick Collages, etc.

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LOL - One time I went to a crop and I had packed everything I wanted up and left it in one area in my house, and DH put it all in the car. I didn't double check that he got everything and he forgot to pack up my paper! AAAAHHHH! I about had a heart attack when I got there (an hour away!) and had no paper!

A checklist is a good idea! Smile

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Thanks for the tip, on my way to my il's we spend all our warm days over there since our trampoline is still in their backyard, but I want to scrap this morning so have to pack up. Anthony's bday is today but his dad has him this year so I am trying to not think about it. So hard to not be with him on his bday. He said thats okay mom then we can have ours together since mine is next week. STILL SAD ABOUT IT:(

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great tip charys!

:bigarmhug: to you Tia. Your birthday with him next week will be extra special despite a tough day today :bigarmhug: