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Tomboy LO

I'm entering this in the texture challenge if it's still open. I thought I would show you here, too, so I can include a close up pic of some of the detail. Plus it is the first non-scraplifted page that I have done in aaages, and I really like it! Biggrin TFL!

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woweeeee! this is great! I have SO many of your pages in my scraplift folder Lol here goes another!

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this is amazing!! i love everything about it!!

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ditto! this is REALLY good!

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Thanks ladies! The colors are a little off in these pics...the background paper is kind of a lime green, a little more cheery looking than it appears here. I was in a hurry to take the pic because I was being summoned to play Hungry Hungry Hippos by a not very patient 4 year old! Biggrin

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Have you ever submitted one of your layouts Katie?? I think you'd have an awesome chance at being published. I really do! Your style is amazing and this page is not an exception. JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!! wow!!!!

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I hate you.


I don't hate you, I just hate it when you enter really great pages in a challenge and then I have no chance of winning. ha ha ha ha That is an awesome page! I love everything about it, and it's going into my lift folder. In fact, you might see it lifted for the 'lift challenge if I can get some time to scrap before it ends. Wink

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Wowzers girl!!! This page is amazing!! You are so talented, I am such a huge fan of your scrapping style. I agree too that you should submit this page, it's so amazing!!

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Thank you so much for the compliments, ladies! I acutally have submitted two or three layouts before and of course I never heard anything back. I realize that you probably have to be a little more diligent than that! Haha! And I have only submitted to Scrapbooks, Etc. because that is the only magazine I get. I guess I could probably look around for some other places to submit to because let's face it...if anyone was willing to publish something I had done I would of course buy the mag! Lol One problem that I usually have is that I don't keep good track of the products that I use. I never really thought about submitting things before you all told me to so most of my embellishments are in a storage box with no labels or anything, and I have such a mishmash of paper (and use a lot of scraps) that I would have no clue about some of that as well. I will try to be better about that in the future, but for my current stash of supplies it's kind of too late I think! Like the green polka dotted paper that I used in "tomboy"...that was scraps leftover from my Christmas cards last year. NO IDEA who made it. I think it came from the open stock paper at Michaels' but I don't even remember for sure!

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Oh, that is soooo cute! You may not have lifted it, but it's being lifted soon...

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Okay, that is wonderful. I LOVE those textured squares. i am putting this one in my lift folder. So cool!

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hehe!! too cute!! love the journaling with the pop outs!!

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Love the embossed squares and the pop up journaling! Great page, definitely a fave of yours for me.

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Love, love, love the textured squares. Those are awesome! I might steal that idea when I get a cuttlebug one day! Biggrin The colors are awesome too! I think I might make an opposite page b/c Ruthie is a total girly-girl, the opposite of what I was.

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HOLY COW! That page is awesome! It makes me want to go get my embosser out!!!

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I say submit it anyway, as you don't have to know where every bit of paper came from. Smile

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I really love all the blocking and the colors!

And, btw, your siggy pic is just too adorable!