Tonight's crop

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Tonight's crop

Here's what I got accomplished tonight at the crop I went to at the LSS.

The page in the about me challenge


Big Boy Tub

It took me forever to do this layout. I just stared at the pictures and the background paper, trying to figure out what to do. ay yi yi. But it came out cute. I hate that you can't really see Andrew in the bottom right picture cause of the flash, but it's a similar picture to the other one of him on his belly

The unplanned nap

I used green staples to attach the pictures and the journaling. I've been using more staples lately, guess it's my latest kick. This page is really simple, but I couldn't think of anything more to add to it. I'm happy to take suggestions though. Wink

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Nice pages. I'm not very good at paper scrapping so I'm envious. I like the overlayed journaling. That is really nice.

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great job gwen!! looks likes a productive crop night!! Smile

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wow, you really got a lot done! i love the paper you used for the cousins page, so fun and bright!

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Great pages Gwen!!
I love the one with Andrew in the tub. What adorable pictures!!

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thanks girls! I typically don't use bright papers like the one in the Cousins layout, but I really love how it turned out.

Kelly - Andrew hates the tub layout. He thinks I'm calling HIM a tub with the title. Goofy boy.

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I think you did a great job. TFS! I enjoy looking at what everyone does! Biggrin

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Wow, those are great!! I love the unplanned nap. How cute. TFS

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Great job!!! All are very cute!!! Love your lo about you!!!

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i like them!!! do you just do one page LOs? how do you put that into books?

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I do both single page and double page LOs. Sometimes I've done 3-4 page LOs with the fold out pages. I use top loading post books, so I just slide the pages in. I try to keep them in chronological order, but sometimes it's a challenge.

Here's a recent double page layout I did:

And a triple page:

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Your challenge layout is great with the overlay journaling!!