Tons of new pics (XP)

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Tons of new pics (XP)

We had a photo shoot with daddy today. I just wanted to share the results! I can't wait to scrap with these... going to have to find a way to use a ton in a LO b/c I love them all!

Sorry so many! I can't post just a couple. If you want to see the whole album, look here...

PM me for the password

And, yes, we used the beads for Scout's 4 month pictures last May. Here's a reminder:

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Wow, Scout and Dylan could be twins at the same age. I can't get over how much Dylan looks like her big sis did! These are cute! Can't wait to see the pages you scrap with them.

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Those are precious. That one with scout facing Dylan and him smiling is so stinkin sweet, it made me smile a great big smile!!!

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Awww, adorable shots!

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I agree with Charys...they are identical! How neat that you have the same shots at the same age. The one with the baby giggling at her is so sweet. TFS

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So cute! I love how much they look alike!