Too bad I can't scrap a video...

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Too bad I can't scrap a video...

Just wanted to brag. Karl and I went to this place called Pump it up last night. There was a discussion on Child Nutrition for the parents, and while that was occuring the kids (while supervised by staff) got to play on the bouncy equipment.

I was so worried about how Karl would do on this slide because I honestly didn't think he could climb up the wall to get to the top of the slide. I had carried him up a couple times. He's so stubborn that I thought he'd be stuck crying in this center section. Well, like I said he's stubborn and he did this twice before I left for the discussion.

Anyway, he had a great time and so did I! I'm so proud of him, not only did he do this on his own, but he was great in a new setting when I wasn't there. Didn't hurt that everyone thought he was a doll!

Now if I could only scrap this!

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He looks too little to be climbing up that! Biggrin What a brave little man!

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How cute!! Eli would LOVE something like that as well.

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Thanks ladies! He amazes me, but now I wonder what kind of trouble he'll find to get into.

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The little ones are always so determined to not let it stop them and keep going. He is so cute I never realized how small he was until you posted the video.

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He is so cute climbing up that slide. I love that place.

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Wow! That's impressive!

Glad you guys had a fun time. Smile

And I wish I could scrap videos, too. I have some that would make an awesome page. LOL