too much craziness

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too much craziness

well since moving in here we've already had our laundry room flood! ARGH! After a whole day and night waiting for the "on-call emergency plumber" to get here he fixed it in about 10 seconds...think I'll be taking up plumbing next lol....
then the rent is due tomorrow and we completely forgot about the $300 deposit to get the electricity in our name here so now rent is messed up and I'm trying to get ahold of family.
There are a few things to fix up which are sort of funny too like the hard, heavy chandelier which is way to low and hubby has hit his head on it (no joking here) about a dozen times in the last 3 days. LOL And also apparently they don't have sliding glass doors where he's from in England cuz he's tried walking through the closed belcony door a few times too! :eek: He's not actually hurt though so it's hard not to laugh. Think I'll be putting up a neon pink screen or something though!
We need to get a ton of paperwork and little things around the house done and hand all our files in to licensing tomorrow for the daycare so I should be back HOPEFULLY on the time for some virtual crop! Biggrin

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Too funny about DH running into things.

Hope you get settled quickly!

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Ugh. Sorry you are struggling with all this. Hope it gets normal soon.

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Yikes! What a crazy few days you've had! I hope you get settled in soon.

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Aww, sounds crazy!

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Yes, that sure sounds like craziness. :eek: I hope things calm down a bit for you!