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How much do I need to go and get the other cricut tools? Anything I can use around the house instead?

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I've had my cricut since x-mas and have none of the tools that go with it other than the cartridges. I just use my nails to scrape off the little cutouts or whatever.

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Tweezers work just fine.

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I do like their spatula tool, but I think that and tweezers is enough.

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I don't have any of the tools. My sister bought them, but never uses them. I think my fingernails work just fine. Wink

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I thought peeling it off w/ my fingernails was great, until I got the spatula. That's the only piece I recommend, forget about everything else. What also helps to get the cuts off, is place the cricut mat on the edge of the table/desk and bend it, the edges lift off for easier removal.