Toot! Best of the bunch today!

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Toot! Best of the bunch today!

My "Just Another Friday" layout was featured as one of the "Best of the Bunch" on one of my favorite digi-scrap websites, Weeds & Wildflowers! Smile Super stoked about it - I get a chance to win a $5 gift code, too - woot! Smile

Just had to share!

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yay!!! awesome job Trina. i love that lo as well!! of course it's easy when you have an ADORABLE subject. Biggrin

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Hey very cool!

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Yahoo What an accomplishment! Congrats to you!

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Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love that layout! I can see why it was picked! Hooray Trina

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that's awesome!

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That's got to be one of my favs of yours! You deserve it! Biggrin

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Way 2 go!!! That rocks!

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I knew that lo would be picked fopr something how could it not!

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