Toot toot!

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Toot toot!

I made it to the Fab 5 over at 2S4U this week. Smile Didn't win, but still so happy just to make it to the Fab 5. There were some amazing entries, so this was a complete surprise.

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Congrats Charys! That is so cool! I love your card too, the pink and brown is great and the deer is adorable. Way to go!

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WTG! Yahoo What a nice card Smile

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Yeah Charys!!!:D:icecream:

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Your card is beautiful!

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Toot toot! WTG!


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that's awesome! congrats!!!!

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that's awesome! you go girl! and you WILL win one time soon, I know it!

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I LOVE it! Congrats on making the 5!! Though Im not suprised, your work is SUPER DUPER!!

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Congrats Charys!!! You so deserve it!!

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love the card!!! very beautiful.


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cute card Charys! and congrats!!
those cards over there were amazing!

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Charys that is my favorite of yours I LOVE it! Great job for being in the fab 5!