Toot toot! Published :)

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Toot toot! Published :)

I know I shouldn't still get excited about being published since I am on staff for a magazine ... but this is a different magzine (that I don't work for), and a paper one to boot!

So I was super excited to find this in my mailbox last night:

And on page 125:

And look, there's my name!

Yay for being published! I have another one coming out in the next couple weeks too - Scrapbook Trends. It might take me awhile to get my hands on that one. Smile

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Yay! How fun. You should definately be excited even if you are on staff somewhere else. It is an honor! Congrats!!

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Good for you Trina! I dont have the guts to try and get published!!!

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Congrats Trina that's awesome and of course you should still get excited!

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congrats! that page is awesome! Biggrin

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How cool!!!!

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that's awesome! you deserve to be published lots of times! Smile

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Awesome Trina!! That is so cool. I would love to be published in paper. But of course that means I have to submit which I am so bad at. Awesome layout too. Congrats!!

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Yahoo It doesn't surprise me though b/c you are awesome! Can't see photobucket which sucks b/c I am always inspired by you!

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Awesome! Good on ya! How on earth do you find the time to submit all your work? I have only ever submitted one thing last year and even that was a pain in the butt. lol. I would love to be in a mag (obviously lol) though. Guess I will try again at some point in the near future. We should all do it!

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Karen - I haven't had time lately - this page was selected to be published back in September/October. It does take some time ... and shhhhhh, I have done it at work before (when I knew I wouldn't get 'caught')

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that's so cool! love that little frog Smile

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You more than deserve it!!!!

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Congratulations!! I remember when you did that page! Woot woot!

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You have plenty to be excited about and I'm excited for you! Way 2 go!

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That's a great page and hurray for being published!

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You deffo should toot your horn! Cute layout, how fun! TFS and can't wait to see the next one!

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Love that page!!! Congrats!

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wooooo hooooo

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That's awesome Trina! Congrats to you, I would be so thrilled to if I were you.

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Very cool. I do not think being published is ever going to be old hat. CONGRATS!!!

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That is so awesome! Congrats!

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Woohooo! Way to go lady! So worth framing!