Tornados in Murfreesboro- mtsugrad

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Tornados in Murfreesboro- mtsugrad

I live in the same city as mtsugrad. We had at least 2 tornados today causing a lot of damage. My family is shaken but we are ok.

Kelly- I'm not sure what area you are in. I am praying you are not in the worst hit. Check in when you can.

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Oh no. So glad you are safe! Kelly, please check in! ::::off to check her facebook page:::: ETA, nevermind...she doesn't have facebook. Obviously I need to go to's past midnight. My brain is asleep.

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Oh gosh!! Glad to hear you are well Nancy...hope all is okay with you Kelly!!

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Oh my goodness! I hope Kelly and her family are also ok! Off to call my sister (in TN) to make sure they're ok too.

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oh no.....I hope you all stay safe ...:bigarmhug: Will be praying

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yikes! that is so scary!

Nancy, I'm glad you're all okay.

Kelly, please check in!

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I'm glad you're ok Nancy! Kelly, I hope you're ok too. She hasn't been around in a few days.

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Glad you and your family are safe. Kelly check in when you get a chance.

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I updated in a new post but we are OK!

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you guys got tornados :eek: i live in memphis and that storm was here the other day and it wasnt that bad here!! im glad everyone is ok!! there is great hot sunny weather right behind that storm i promise Biggrin