Totally OT ... but what do you think?

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Totally OT ... but what do you think?

First, sorry I haven't been around. I've been even worse with my BLC girls, just haven't been online as much. I'm behind in EVERYTHING! I was looking at my crop corner today, as I was in that room wrapping a birthday gift, and I was hating that it has been so long since I scrapped. In fact, one of my best friends had a baby yesterday, and I don't even have a card made for them! It's not like I didn't know it was coming, and he certainly didn't arrive early (born on his due date, just like his big brother). Anyhow, there aren't enough hours in the day to do the things I want to do.

That aside, here's what I want to run by you. I've been focusing a LOT of my energy lately on redecorating the house. We're getting tile installed in the kitchen, and eventually (hopefully within a year) will be doing hardwood on the rest of the main level. I want to repaint, as the kitchen walls totally clash with the tile we've chosen, and I really need to repaint the family room, hallway, and dining room. But I SUCK at painting (really, I know it's not hard, but I don't do a good job at all, I'm too impatient) and there's no easy way to paint that much with four kids underfoot. DH does NOT want to spend money to have someone else paint when he thinks the colors are okay. So I started thinking ... what if I bartered my photography for painting services? Not a bad idea, right? I mentioned it to DH, and he immediately suggested contacting the company that we've used for a lot of other work. The owner has 5-6 kids, and I bet he'd love to have family portraits done, if he hasn't already. What do you think? Most of you have seen my photography, to some degree, and if you haven't, well, check my blog (link in siggy). Think I can do it? If so, what's a fair trade? I'm thinking we can probably paint the kitchen ourselves, and do the barter for the family room, hallway, and dining room (it's all connected). I was thinking of the session itself, the editing, and then a few prints in addition to digital images.

I'll probably eventually post a similar thread on one of the photography forums I'm one, but right now I'm just in the preliminary stage, and I thought I'd run it by you girls, since I'm MUCH closer to you than any of the other photography forums (I'm not talking about the photo board here, I'm talking about the really big ones out there). I just wanted to sound it out somewhere, to know if it's a sane idea before I move forward. One of the first things I'd do would be to do a sort of portfolio slideshow, so I had than handy when presenting the barter idea to any painters. Smile You girls would see that first too.

Okay, I'm done rambling. Lay it on me, what do you think?

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I don't post much on here either, I lurk everyday, but rarely have time to respond as I want to, but tonight, I have sometime. Wink I think it is a GREAT idea!!! As far as presenting it to painters, that I can't help with. Good Luck, and KUP, on how it works out. Smile

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You know what? My really good friends just had a photography session that they had bartered her hubby's work for. He's a contractor, so he installed new gutters on the photographer's house in exchange for the photo shoot. It worked well for both involved and she said they'd do it again! She hopes they'd want to barter around Christmas. Wink I think it's a great idea and I bet they'll appreciate it! (Especially since they have that many know she likes to have their portraits done)

I'd do what you thought...get together a portfolio or give her the link to your blog. If you gave her a 2-hour+ session, with the edits, I'd say that would be a great trade for the 3 rooms. Especially if you supply the paint!!

I'm sorry you are not getting a lot of time to yourself. Sad You are still my hero. Hopefully you'll get some free time soon! Selfishly I miss seeing your work too. Wink

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I say too that it's a great idea! Unless the painter just has no interest in having his kids photgraphed or has someone else who does it, like a family member or something, I can't see why they'd turn it down. I would sure jump all over it. Smile I too hate painting, but was pretty happy with how my new house turned out. And I had 3 kids underfoot. Wink

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I think you could do it Gwen!

I would be sure to set a fair trade in value, consider if you want to include prints, how long your session would be, etc.

I think if you work out the details, it sure doesn't hurt to ask!!

Good luck!

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I think it is a great idea and it certainly won't hurt to try it! I know that I would come paint your house for a photo session;)
It is definitely challenging with kids underfoot. When we painted our mudroom a couple weeks ago we set them up with brushes and primer and let them paint for a bout a 1/2 hour till my mom came to watch them. Then Dh and I primed and put two coats of paint on. Yes, we actually need a babysitter so that we cold paint!

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AWESOME idea! I hope it all works out! Can't wait to hear all about it! GL &KUP!

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:lurk: Gwen, you do awesome work and I think that is a wonderful idea that you have. GL hun!