Totally OT need opinions (XP, TMI)

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Totally OT need opinions (XP, TMI)

I really need opinions! I'm not sure when to start's the story

on March 22nd I started AF. On March 23rd I was in the ER with excessive bleeding. I was told to take BCPs I think 4x a day for 5 days...I only made it 2 days. The bleeding stopped and on March 28th I started spotting. and bled for 3 days. DH and I DTD on April 2nd. I think I noted EWCM around the 4th thru the 6th. While we were on vacation DH asked if I was PG. He's never asked that and the reason he asked that was because I was eating a lot. So we bought some HPTs and some OPKs. I took the HPTs on the 12th, 13th, and 15th all BFN. I was also using OPKs and the test line was there but never positive. I was also having discharge but wouldn't classify it as EWCM and it is still going on so I'm pretty sure it isn't EWCM because it's been going on for a week. And the discharge never makes it to my underwear just when I wipe. We also took HPTs because we went to Busch Gardens on Friday and wanted to be sure I wasn't PG before riding roller coasters. Well after riding roller coasters I felt crampy but no AF. I'm a little crampy today and nauseated a little but when I ate dinner it went away. I don't think I'm PG because we only DTD one time but it happened to be 5 days after his last SA. So that gave us better numbers.

Would you count March 22nd as CD1 or would you count March 28th as CD1?
Do you think I could be PG or is that a far stretch? If I count the 22nd as CD1 then the 20th is CD30 which is average length for me. But with the BCPs thrown in there I'm confused.

If you made it through that Thanks! Can you offer advice?

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I made it through reading it. Wink But, I have no advice. Good Luck!!! and KUP. Smile

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I think I would count CD1 as the 22nd, first day you started bleeding, did you test again? I think that you could be pregnant based on when you DTD, I don't know your history, but with me, the month we only DTD once, we concieved Jack, after 2 and a half years of trying, I have severe endo. Fingers crossed for you!

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I would count day one from first day of blood also. I don't know what else to say other than GL and I'll be anxiously waiting. Smile

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hmmm, I think I'd go with the 28th just so I wouldn't start testing too early for a BFP....Otherwise I'd get crazy disapointed. But CD1 was probably the 22nd. Good Luck!!!

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yeah, the BCPs definitely are throwing you off. I don't think I'd count the spotting as an AF, I think that's just your body reacting to the crazy amount of hormones and then the stopping of them (even though it took a few days in between for the spotting to start). So I think I'd count Mar 22 as CD1. And, sure, I think there's a chance that you could be pregnant, but it's so hard to say with the BCPs in the mix. My fingers are crossed, that's for sure!!!!!

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I wish I knew more about how to calculate cycle days and all, but I have no advice there. :/ I hope you are pregnant though...KUP!

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Clueless here, but wishing you the best of luck! KUP okay?

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Kebrina, any updates?

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oh I am so rubbish at this stuff! But I hope you are pregnant too! Look forward to hearing from you! Whatever the results are, there's always next month :bigarmhug:

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Alright ladies nothing to post so far except....continuous BFNs....I tested Friday or was it yesterday...I dunno. Anyway I've been spotting for 4 days now off and on. The other night I had this horrible sharp pain in my abdomen and then nothing. I went to the $ store and got some tests. I'm going to test again tomorrow morning. Here are my other symptoms if you want to know:

sore bbs (worse at night, not so bad in the AM)
Cramps off and on
I've been nauseated twice in the last few days.
tired (but that could be my low iron levels.)
And the spotting is only old brown stuff and only when I wipe (TMI, sorry)

Other than that not much.

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So frustrating. It really could go either way. It sounds like your cycle got a little wacky and throwing in the BCPs could have made the whole cycle slightly wacky, not just the beginning.

From my experience, spotting prior to AF is not that uncommon. I experience it and have chatted with others who do. In fact, I'm on day 3 of spotting right now. Ugh. I went through it a few months ago and the cycle before Andrea was conceived was also one of those cycles. I'm not saying that you are not pregnant, just giving my experience with dreaded spotting prior to AF...

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Steph ~ Thanks for sharing Smile I get frustrated with my cycle often. I've spotted for a day before AF but never 4 days. It can be frustrating.

Well the update is AF finally arrived. It's being a pain in the arse. I'm thankful she is here and being a pain because that solidifies my decision for the surgery. Next Monday the 3rd I have my annual, the 10th is my pre-op and surgery on Tuesday the 18th. So no TTC this cycle.

Thanks for your support! you all are great!

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well, the silver lining is that you can move forward. but that sucks, I was so hopeful for you.

hope AF takes it easier on you this cycle.