Tough to Take LO

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Tough to Take LO

this one is SUPER simple, but I *LO*V*E* it and can't wait to print it for Loli's book.


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Oohh! That is so emotional, you really captured it!

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Tears are in my eyes typing this. That is so stinking sweet. You did an AMAZING job on that! (This is one I can actually see. I think it's b/c you use flickr, don't you?)

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That is a great LO. So sweet and emotional. TFS

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Awwww ... those pictures make me feel so bad for him. But yay that he perseveres! And yay for a mommy that gives hugs and encouragement!

Such a sweet layout!

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Wow, perfect!

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wow, GiGi, that's a great layout. I love how you captured Loli like that. He will really appreciate that years down the road. awesome job!

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What a great page!!! Everything about it is perfect.

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I love, love, love it!! I definately think simple was the way to go with this.

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OMG I'm crying! Great layout!!

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Thank you everyone for your comments! I'm so glad you understand!!! Some people at the dojo look at me funny when I even take pictures of tears. But they're part of this life, right?

I'm so proud of this kid for so many reasons ... and fighting through tears when all you really want to do is quit is just one of them. This l/o isn't just for him ... it's serves as a good reminder for me of the kind of example I had better be setting.

Anyway ... thanks again, everyone. I truly do love this page. I'm going to print it tonight (I picked up the paper last night) and I know Loli will love it too.


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What a perfect LO!!!! Very emotional, I had tears in my eyes! Really a beautiful job. Smile

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I think simple was the best way to go for this one, it is amazing! And I love how you captured the story!