Train is here and I have questions please!!
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Thread: Train is here and I have questions please!!

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    Default Train is here and I have questions please!!

    I got it today and boy was it fun to go through!! There are some things called "rub on transfers" in there that I'm interested in, but not sure how to use them, so looking for insight on that. Also, there is a TON of stickers in there and I was going to add more. Is it okay to keep some stickers just for my kiddos, not necessarily for me??? LOL I am organizing what I took and then will post pics and have this thing back to post office on Monday hopefully (if DH will cooperate) LOL TIA
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    Carrie, rub-ons are awesome!!!! They are so easy to use. All you do is cut out around what one you want to use. Put it where you want it -- you can use them on pretty much anything. Album covers, photos, paper, wood, etc. Use a popsicle stick (usually they're included in the package when you buy them) and just rub it onto your creation.

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    I think its fine to take stickers for the kids. Some of them that I put in there are kid-ish.

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    Carrie, I better get my pics up before you beat me to it. lol
    Sorry girls still moving almost done though and if things were not crazy enough my sister is having her baby right now!!!!!!! Can't wait to see him!
    Anyways,here is what I took...


    And what I added...


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    Rub-ons are great Carrie. You just position the rub-on of your choice anywhere you want it and use the stick to rub it on. Then carefully peel away the top and all that's left behind on your paper is the image. The nice thing about them is they can go on paper, photos, embellishments, anything.

    IT's fine if you took stickers for the kids! Especially if they are kids stickers!
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