The train is MOVING!
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Thread: The train is MOVING!

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    Default The train is MOVING!

    Erin its on its way to you! I went to the post office with the original box and the guy said it would be cheeper in a flat rate box, so we stuffed it in the box right there on the spot, so sorry for the dissaray The post office guy was funny and had alot of patience so kudos to him! It should get there soon! A nice Thanksgiving gift for you!

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    Thank you Zene!

    And Erin, do you have the next address? It's been so long since I PM'd everyone, I had to delete my sent items, so I lost track. PM me if you need the next addy.
    Kayson 10-9-06 & Cohen 02-08-10

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    I had no idea I was next on the list. I'll have to have DH check the mail tonight as soon as he gets home. He's the only one with the key.

    I do not have the next address. So PM me.
    Erin~Mommy to Patrick and Sean.

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