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So I think I want to use some of these neat little things but I'm not sure where to get them or how to use them. Can you put them through a printer? I have a really good printer through work but I'm hesitant to try it cause I'm not sure it has a transparency setting. I know it has one for vellum. Do you think that setting would work? I'm pretty sure I couldn't write on a transparency without it smearing everywhere.

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I know a few other girls print on transparency, but I haven't done it. Of course I KNOW you can, because that is their main purpose...for overhead projectors. ETA, I would just let it dry for an hour atleast before working with it, to prevent smearing.

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Also..I print transparencies on "draft" setting..much less ink, and let them dry. Some transparencies have a rough side and a smooth side. If you print on the rough side backwards...if that makes seems to dry quicker and look better to me when you turn them over.

I love transparencies!

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most printers have a mode for transparencies. I let mine dry for a couple of hours after printing. I got a TON of them from freecycle. people seem to offer them on a semi-regular basis. (if you don't know freecycle, go to and find your local group - everything is free!)

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when i used to use them for church youth group songs the photo copier had a definite setting for them but the printer didnt and i was worried it could melt in the printer I would print on paper and then photocopy on if worse comes to worse you can print it on normal white paper and then take it to a copy shop to be put on transparency.

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I've printed on them before. One side is a little more rough than the other. You'll want to print on that side rather than the extra slippery side. I bought my transparencies at Target with the office supplies.

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Gwen, thanks. I put up on freecycle for some. I hadn't even thought of that, though I did get a bunch of mags from there.

Ashley, if I don't get some soon, I'll go to Target.