tri shutter card (pics added)

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tri shutter card (pics added)

I did my first tri shutter card tonight...holy cow that took a long time! Please tell me the next one will go quicker... I don't have pics yet, but I will update with them tomorrow. I started out to make SIL and BIL an anniversary card, but since it ended up looking so pretty and taking so long, I changed plans midway through making it. It will be a Mothers Day card for MIL now, and i am making a similar one for my mom. I think what might have taken the longest was trimming all the PP and deciding on/adding all the embellies.

folded up

inside views

by the time I finished decorating the thing, I didn't have the energy to print the sentiment out on the computer to make it look nicer...oh well!

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Not sure what type of card that even is, but anxious to see it now. Smile

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I started one MONTHS ago and never finished. It took me a long time to cut just the actual base. I can't wait to see yours.

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I love making them. yours looks great!

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Love all your flowers! Very pretty! And I bet your mother-in-law loves it.

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Very nice! Is there a tutorial for making these cards?

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Both have tutorials, and I looked at both when I went to make the first one. Now i am just doing it without the instructions.

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That is soooo pretty Lauren! Love it!!

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It looks beautiful! I'd so love to make one like that, but since I have so little paper experience, it would take me even longer, sigh! Still seeing yours makes me want to...

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that is awesome!!! this just might make me do some cards!!

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That is beautiful! Great work! Just had a funny thought...since it says "take time to smell the flowers" you should spritz them with a light scent. LOL

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Wow. That would take me FOREVER! You did a great job! TFS!