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Your new siggy pic of K is too cute! She looks so biiiig!!!

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Aw, thanks Carrie! That was this weekend ... she's been doing this thing where she sticks out her neck like a chicken and smiles, trying to get you to play peek a boo with her.

The pic was actually really horrible -

but someone at Scrap Orchard fixed it for me Smile

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She is a doll. Love that silly face! She looks like so much fun!

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she is adorable!!
and sadie i love your kiddos piccies as well!! Biggrin
Lil Randy has gotten so bigg!~!

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Wow! That's a great pic fix!

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They did an amazing job fixing it, wish I could do that.

Great pic, so cute Smile

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LOL, so cute! She's grown into a toddler now...not such a baby.

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I always love new pics of Kaitlyn! She's such a cutie!

Oh! And THANK YOU Kaitlyn and Trina for the Halloween card and gifts. We received them last weekend while I was in the middle of cropping. The popcorn was really neat and the kids enjoyed having it for a treat. Katie and Anna STILL fight over who gets to hold the card.

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It is so cute! That's an awesome picture fix!

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Glad they liked it Mish! Smile

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