True Love LO

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True Love LO

my BFF and her fiance!
the picture was taken at their baby shower

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That's really sweet! I love that pic of them and how you added their names to the page. The colors are perfect!

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what a sweet picture! I love the word art for "our love story"

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That IS super sweet! How cute!

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Ahhh, is this going to be a wedding gift? I'd be so pretty framed.

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LOVE the titlework! And I love the pic of him holding her belly, too cute!

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Very nicely done!

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This is my new favorite page of yours! WOW! I love the pics you used. You can tell how much he loves her by the way he is touching her belly and holding her fingers. I love how you put that photo at the bottom. Great job I love it!

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Very simple and very pretty. TFS

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aw, that's such a sweet layout. Smile

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Pretty. She will love it.