Trying to hard... (2 pages)

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Trying to hard... (2 pages)

I really feel like I'm trying to hard on my pages today. They just are not turning out how I want and I feel like I'm forcing it. Does that make sense. Here is what I've done:

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I think those are great. I love the aquarium one and that is such a good idea. I need to get some pics of Jamie playing with his. He just recently really started liking it and I haven't thought to scrap him with it.

I do know what you mean though. When I try too hard I end up with a mess on my hands and frustrated with the layout in the end.

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Both pages are really cute and I think both would be perfect for this month's challenge. I laughed when I read the journaling on the crib page. Lol Too cute!

I totally KNOW what you mean about trying too hard though...the last 3 pages I've done I've NOT liked, because I felt I forced them and they were not my easy style.

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I do know what you mean....but I think those are adorable anyway Biggrin

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I agree with PP, both pages are cute, especially the crib one. Love the pic designs. I understand the forcing it feeling though. It sucks!!!

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I totally know what you mean - kinda like you 'have' to scrap, not you 'want' to scrap. I really like both of them (and they both don't have square photos!!), I especially like how you did the cowboy hats!

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What an adorable cowboy LO! It's so cute! I really like the idea of the aquarium LO. Ruthie had one, but I never took photos of her playing with it! :confused:

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those are great! I like the different picture shapes

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I also totally know what you're talking about ... but I think these two pages are wonderful. Love the story behind the pictures on the second page, along with the picture of them trying to climb out. Funny kids!