Tuesday Morning & Target

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Tuesday Morning & Target

I went to Tuesday morning today - they had a lot of great stuff! They had a neat Heidi Swapp (did I screw up her name?) kit but I didn't buy it. I buy a collection of stuff for $6 - lots of neat little stickers and such.

And I was at Target last night and they had a TON of SB stuff on clearance, so I stocked up on some neat patterned cardstock and letters.

Just thought I'd share in case you were in the mood to shop. Wink

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Cool! TFS! I think I might be going to Target this weekend!

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Sounds great.

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Yay for good finds... I read somewhere that target is going to redo the scrapbook section so alot of stuff will be on clearence. I think I'll talk hubby into going to target before we eat dinner, its been a week or so since I've been, lol.

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I wish I lived close to a Target! Yay on the great finds!!

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Charys, I feel you hon. The nearest Target to us is 2 hours away. Tuesday Morning is 1 hour away.

Great finds! Glad you were able to get some good, cheap stuff!

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woohoo for you!! I went last week and they did have stuff on sale but not good enough for me to buy it--maybe they will come down on their prices a little more