Tuesday QOTD

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Tuesday QOTD

What was the last movie you purchased or rented?

I had heard so much about Juno but had never seen it....so I bought it the other day when it was on sale. It's pretty cute Smile

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We rented Kung Fu Panda and Swing Vote. I enjoyed both, but I am sooooo ready to rent Fire Proof. I think we might pick that up sometime tonight.....maybe.

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We have Netflix, so the movies come in the mail. The last one we watched was Swing Vote (which was pretty good). Our queue says that we're getting Horton Hears a Who (which we've already seen, but I want to watch again) and Nights in Rodanthe today or tomorrow.

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Fireproof and it was really great!!!

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Thanks for naming some of these movies. I need to add them to my queue. Unfortunately DH got ahold of our Netflix list so lately I've been subjected to Righteous Kill, Harold and Kumar, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. :rolleyes:

I'm gonna add a bunch of chick flicks right now!!!

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I have netflix so we each get a movie each week. We don't have cable though, so my rental is almost always a tv show. Andrea gets a kids movie or cartoon (last one was Veggie Tales). Dave gets movies, and the last one was something like Drillbit Taylor.

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The last one we rented was Get Smart, which we would definetely watch again.

I just bought Horton Hears a Who and the New Indiana Jones the other day at Circut City, they are going out of business so I got both of them for $30.

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We don't rent or buy movies. We're not big movie people. Miles received the Baby Mozart dvd so we watched it the other day.

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I think the last movie we rented was "Stepbrothers" or something like that (will farrell is in it). Hubby bought the second Madagascar movie yesterday for Cadence for Valentine's day.

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I *heart* movies ... I want to go to the cinema so bad (I want to see Bride Wars or the mall cop one) ...

The last movie we watched on DVD was Eagle Eye - really good, actually. Before that was Wanted (good, but gory). We got a few for xmas we haven't watched yet (we've seen them, but haven't watched that copy) - including 27 dresses, Juno, and some UFC thing for dh.

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I bought School of Rock and A Knights Tale. I've seen both of them already but they were in Walmart's $5 bin.

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We also have netflix; the last movie we watched was Hellboy II; funny movie!

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DH picked out Pineapple Express the other day, definitely his kind of movie more so than mine but it was pretty funny. Lately we rent Redbox movies from McDonalds since its so cheap but it is such temptation for me to get a little not so healthy snack while I'm there to rent or return. if it weren't for the Redbox movies I doubt I would have touched any fast food this whole pregnancy, oh well.

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We love movies, but commonly buy them only to have them stay in the packaging for awhile! I just bought "The reef" for cheap and it was kind of cute. Definately like Nemo more:)

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The last movie I bought was Ratatouille (sp?). I love and collect Disney movies, but I still haven't had a chance to watch this one yet.

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Our last movie from netflix was Secret Life of Bees. I really liked and much to my surprise, so did DH.