Tuesday QOTD

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Tuesday QOTD

Anyone have any spring cleaning plans or ideas?

Our biggest thing right now is that with it being cold all the time we can't keep windows and doors open. And we keep getting disgusted with the idea of stale air. lol. So we're going pick a day soon to go out all day with all the windows on the upper floor open (yes, it's ultra safe here Smile )

As far as cleaning we have to be pretty regimented with having a daycare here...but I would like a bit more organization in the spare rooms

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I am *hoping* I feel up to nesting quickly. My house is a disaster. I decided last night I would pick one room a night, until the whole house is clean, and I started with the kitchen. So, yes, I do have some major cleaning to do! Biggrin Plus, I need to make over a nursery!

I love opening up the windows, but it's too cold here now. Maybe on Sunday we could!

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I'd really like to get more stuff sorted through and cleaned out of my house. My brother will be bringing his new babies to my house after they are born and I'd like to have both the guest bedroom and office clean in case they need the extra space.

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Huge plans for cleaning. I have massive lists for each room and approximately 2.5 weeks to do it. I am almost finished with kitchen as I cleaned the refrigerator and organized the cabinets last week. I am currently working on rearranging wall decorations in the living room and finally hanging something on the wall in the kitchen since it's been bare since we painted. (On New Year's Day!!!)

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Just trying to tackle projects! Mostly organization- kitchen cabinets, scrapbooking/office area and resetting Karl's clothes.

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The Dreaded Closet of My Toddler.

It's horrible.

So much so that I wouldn't let ANYONE see it.

I can't even stand opening the door anymore.

Gwen, you've inspired me to go through and start weeding out the clothes that don't fit anymore and organize it. (Something I've been putting off for oh, about 2 years!) :eek:

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Getting my bedroom cleaned. If you saw it, you'd understand. We have more piles on the floor than clothes in the closet. And I still have maternity clothes piles. I haven't been pregnant in two years and I'm not planning on becoming pregnant any time soon.

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We close on our first house on Friday so there will be plenty of stuff to do and also cleaning the old place soon enough.

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I have a ton of spring cleaning ideas and plans all on a to do list. It bites because i've already hit what they call pre-nesting and I can't do much b/c everything that needs to be done requires us closing on a house. Then I can pack things up and paint in the house and get the baby's nursery ready and ds' room and so many other things.

it's really bugging me

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I want to scrub down the fridge and freezer...kinda hard when it is always full! We also need to resurface and paint the steps of the front porch (we did the actual porch 2 springs ago, but last spring we were on hold due to having an infant). We also need to pain a lot inside the house.

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Heck yes!

When Caleigh arrived 7 weeks early, our house quickly turned into a disaster! Projects that were half started got left that way. We've baby proofed along the way and cleaned up some rooms, but others still have a ways to go. DH is working on our spare room downstairs currently. And I have plans to tackle our bedroom.