Tuesday Tip (Getting perfect stamped images)

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Tuesday Tip (Getting perfect stamped images)

Some of you probably already do this. Ignore, if so. Wink

You can use even the cheapest of rubber stamps and still get a high-quality image, if you take these steps.
to begin get a baby wipe or wet paper towel ready, so you aren't reaching for one once the ink is on the stamp.

I am using a very inexpensive foam stamp to demonstrate.

After inking, you will notice a lot of extra ink on the edges of the stamp. If you were to stamp it right now, it would leave a border, which is something you definitely don't want.

Before I stamp it on the paper, I always run a baby wipe around the edge to get the extra ink off.

The edges are now ink free

Breathe on the stamp, to help re-moisten it and stamp it onto the paper.


A perfect image EVERY time. Especially helpful when you are stamping on a layout and don't want to take a chance risking a bad image.

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another great tip! I wouldn't have thought of that:)

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Didn't think of that! Thanks!

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Thank You!!!!!! I am always having this problem.

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I was doing the baby wipe thing the other day but totally forgot about breathing on the ink! Thanks so much!

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Great tip, I just started playing with stamps so this is very useful advice for me. I am messy with the ink still, but mostly because I don't pay attention and end up with ink all over my hand/arm.

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I never would have thought of that! Wink

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I didn't know that! TFS! I have some older ones that I always end up with the edges being inked.

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Great advice!!! Thanks so much again.

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I just recently was told about breathing on them! It is a great tip. I am messy with ink pads so I actually use washable markers on my stamps! They do dry quicker which is why my friend suggested I breath on them. With the washable markers I never get the extra ink on the part of the stamp that you don't want it on. Plus you can reuse the stamp (with the same color of course) without wiping in between.

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:eek: why didn't I think of the wipe! lol. And breathing on them...who knew?! Great tips!:D

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OMG! I took baby wipes to my scrap room tonight so I could do that.