tummy time layout

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tummy time layout

shabby princess smarshmallow kit

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I LOVE it!!!!
that is great

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I like it! He is just too darn cute, with that smile! Biggrin TFS! I like that kit btw....was it free? Off to check and see. Wink

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nope that one wasn't free.

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Cute, love the colors.

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That is really cute - what a great pic!

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the rectangles of different 'papers' is my favorite part! (And of course the adorable pic!) Very well done!!!

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very nice!
he has such beautiful blue eyes!

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Very nice layout! I love what you did with the papers toward the bottom.

Good job!

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I like the torn paper box for journaling...the white lines are really cool too. What a cutie pie! And yea for liking tummy time! So much easier now, huh? Wink

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Very cute. I love that you just used the one photo. The layout is perfect!

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I really like the colors and the journaling. I need to do more journaling on my pages, I just always hate the way my handwriting looks. But I know it will mean more in the long run!

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Ya know what I do most of the time? I put a few words on the front and then write a book on the back. The world can't see it and it will be a neat little surprise for him later on in life when he ( or probably his wife lol) takes the pages out for some reason.

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that is a great page!!!!!! what a fun kit too. Wink

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I love that kit the papers Rock...but so does that photo! Nicely done!

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