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hi everyone, i am new to the digital scrapbooking scene. i have lots of paper scrapping stuff but i think i have outgrown all of it.
plus, i see what a lot of people are able to do with digital and i love it. they look cleaner and it seems like you can do more.
plus, i won't have the storage issue and dh will be much happier!!! Smile

anyway, i have adobe ps that i would like to use for my pages but i have no idea how to use it.
does anyone know of a good tutorial?

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well there are lots of tutorials out there. just google photoshop tutorials and you'll get a huge list of things I'm sure. Smile It just depends on what you are trying to do. I know some digi scrap sites have PS tutorials for making LO's. Some great links are in the digiscrap sticky. Biggrin

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I took a class at digitalscrapbooking.com for my Photoshop - they have different classes geared toward Elements, versus CS2, etc. They have an introductory class (101) for the beginner that's free.

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Oh wow this is a good thread for me. I am just beginning to learn photoshop but I have my DH to teach me. I is a graphic designer and has the latest program that costs a butt load...I won't be using that one because it has way more on it than I need but he is getting me an older version for my computer. I am so excited!

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I don't use photoshop so I've never been able to do the tutorials, but they are on many of the sites. I sure hope you find one you like.