Two cards and my list :)

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Two cards and my list :)

Actually, before I share my latest, I have to say that the video links at the top are kind of scary. Some of the expressions on the women (because they're caught in mid-word) are freaky!

These cards took longer than they should have. The glitter glue was one reason, as it had to dry. But I also had Cricut issues (finally changed my blade in the middle of these). And like my last layout, I got REALLY distracted online at the same time. I swear I have ADD!

Jordan turns 6 on Wednesday. Blue is her favorite color, so I made her a blue card. Smile It's really cute in person.

The 6 is covered with glitter glue, very cool. Smile

And here's the card I made for my birth board birthday exchange baby (sure hope she doesn't lurk here!). If you remember the diaper soaker I made for her, this matches the theme. Smile

Glitter glue created "jewels" atop the crown

And the 1 in the corner is actually cut out of the card, I put the cream colored paper behind it to make it stand out (and that matches her name on the front).

And here's my layout list - I print a new one out every 2 months or so. I used to have the 8x10 photo layouts mixed in, but they're really a different breed to me, so I finally broke them out separate on my list.

I need to tackle those layouts AND work on my cards for the swap. But I'm working on an idea for those. Smile

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Cute cards Gwen! I'm sure your daughter and birth board buddy will love them! I was going through my paper scrapping stuff the other day as I threw together a card for my newly born niece and I was going though my scraps that I had cut with my cricut.... and there they sit.. and sit.... I really need to break that machine out and put it to some use! (Sorry about the rambling.. perhaps I had ADHD as well?!) Since I'm a psychologist, I'm going to go ahead and diagnose us both! ROFL

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Cards are cute and the list is killing me. And you call me OCD?

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Great cards! I love your list! I need one like that. Sometimes I feel like I can't scrap because I don't know where to begin. I'm so far behind.

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"mtsugrad" wrote:

Cards are cute and the list is killing me. And you call me OCD?

*I* don't call you OCD, *YOU* do! ROFL

If I didn't have that list, I'd lose a lot of time trying to figure out what to try to tackle, despite having the pictures in front of me. I'm such a list girl. (my house is a wreck, I'd never be classified as OCD ... but I'm definitely a Type A personality)

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Cute cards Gwen. I too am a list girl, but oddly enough I just organize my pics and go. No list for scrapping.

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I am cracking up over your list! I have made one also but only when I want to send my prints in so I needed to know what pages I was planning. Love the glitter on the cards and you are too funny!

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those cards are adorable!! and i love how you made a list. i should probably do that and maybe i wouldnt get so overwhelmed when i sit at the table Wink

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Cute cards! I bet they'll be loved! Knowing that you just mentioned your dislike for glitter, I'm impressed that you broke out the glitter glue! Wink

I don't have a list, it would be a bit too overwhelmingly long!

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Cute cards! I like that crown! WOW. You have a ton of layouts to do!

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the birthday cards are terrific! they will love them Biggrin
i'm a list person too:D

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Great cards, I'm sure they are adorable in person with all that glitter on the first.

Love that you have a list. I make lists sometimes and they really help me get pages done.

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Very cute cards! I really need to do a list like that, I have no idea where to begin when I sit down to scrap.

my house is a wreck, I'd never be classified as OCD

My house is also a wreck but I still have OCD, you can have OCD tendencies toward certain things but not in other areas, if that makes sense. I even took an OCD quiz on FB and just knew that it was going to say that I wasn't OCD and yet even with my answers it said I was definitely OCD, I seriously had no idea how it came up with that. lol

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Those cards are really lovely!

I'm laughing at your list, but at the same time thinking that i should do one... I would do it on a spreadsheet though. Lol

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That crown is darling! I love the white ribbon on it. Great cards...and wow...that's quite a list. :eek:

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Those are very cute, love the crown one! And you're so organized with all the layouts you want to do - I really need to do a list, but can't ever be bothered!