two layouts

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two layouts

I finised a couple of pages. I've still 2 months behind, but I'm glad to get some done.

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Those are great! Love the brownie one. I have never tried to bake anything with T. I haven't been brave enough. lol

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THose are so good Stephanie. Love that brownie LO. She is so cute I cant' stand it. Smile TFS

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How did Andrea grow up so fast? She's helping you bake? That's the cutest thing in the world!!!! She looks so proud too. Ahhhh!!! I love that layout!!! Like it's one of your best. And I really like the colors on the other one too.

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Oh goodness, look at her! So cute. Glad you were able to get some work done because these are awesome!

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These are great. I love the brownie one, with that smaller picture. Just great job on them both.

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Those are both great! The papers on these are adorable! My fav is the 2nd one!

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i love the Thai one!! its adorable! (as is she)

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LOL @ the brownie face Smile Love the daisy papers.

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I probably should have included in the journaling that Andrea is more of hinderance to the baking rather than a help. She loves trying to eat the batter rather than stir it and often the stirring ends up all over the counter. Sometimes, I just give her a bowl with flour in it to stir by herself.

Thanks for all your nice comments.

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SOOOO cute! I dont think the kids are ever helpful when they "help" are they?! Wink But at least its fun for THEM! I love the two LO's

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those are terrific Stephanie Biggrin

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I love them both, you also just gave me an idea on a page I am working on. Andrea looks adorable!

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Those are super cute! Andrea is adorable helping you bake Smile

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love these LOs

Great job