Two LOs in one weekend?

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Two LOs in one weekend?

I'm in heaven! ROFL I got two pages done in two days. Here's my second one

linked for credits

I am also determined to buy a book to put the beautiful pages in that you all sent me this week (payday is Tues!) Plus, I have been inspired to have a few pages printed every paycheck so it isn't such a kick in the pants all at once. I feel good!

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That's pretty! The semi circle over the top is really striking. Love it! Smile

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So cute!! Love the title.

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Very pretty Carrie! Those are great pics too.

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Great layout to show off those cute pics! The title is really cute!

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Great page! Although now I have a sudden craving for cookie dough .. hmmmm lol.

And woohoo for getting pages printed! I never think of doing it a little each paycheque - I currently have almost 100 to be printed (which is $300!!!) ... so we'll have to wait to get them done.

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Very cool, I love how you put the dough in parenthesis! Very nice colors too!