Two new layouts - need help on one

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Two new layouts - need help on one

First, here's my layout for Andrew's 6th birthday. I'm so proud of myself for getting it done so soon after his birthday (yet, I have about 20 layouts from earlier this year to do still :lol:)

We celebrated Andrew’s 6th birthday at Chuck E Cheese with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Eric. Chuck E mesmerized Natalie and Jordan loved going on the rides. Andrew loved it all, especially singing “Happy Birthday to ME!” Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Eric were silly trying to win a ton of tickets from one particular game – they were just like big little kids! It was a fun way to celebrate!

But now I need help on the Back in Black layout. First, I can't get my stupid program to save any larger than 500x500 right now, need to figure out why. It's making me INSANE. I've crashed it more times than I can count.

Anyhow, I started cropping the pictures of Andrew into "explosion" type images (imagine a star but it has 10 points instead, like a big boom or something). But that looked really stupid, too stupid to even share here. So I went back and cropped into rectangles and framed it with the steel type frames. My first background was the polka dotted. But then I played with the other two backgrounds you see here. (All from Shabby Princess Urban Kiwi kit). I'm really at a loss - is the layout okay as it is? If so, which background paper does it look best on? I'm welcome to all suggestions for this one.

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LOL Now that is a band of my era Wink What a cute idea!!

For some reason, I like the first (polka dots) the best, the last (black denim-y) next and the middle (stripes) the least but they really all look great! The textured steel frames are fantastic!

And the birthday LO is super cute! Kudos for getting it done while it's still fresh Wink

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First of all, LOVE the birthday layout. You did a fab job!
The idea for the second one is really cute. I love the pictures...Andrew is such a ham! Smile
I like the paper on the third one the best. To me, the polka dots and the strips aren't 'rock' enough for the layout. I love the frames though...those are prefect.
I like the way you have the pictures arranged, but if it were me I would add one or two embellishments in another color. Like dark red or dark blue. Nothing big, just to add an accent.
But I also think it is great as it is. I love how you always come up with neat ideas for pages. I always have such a hard time thinking what to do.

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Kelly - I didn't know what embellishments to add. I looked for lightning bolts in my collection, don't have them. Not sure if I have a guitar or not. But I'm also leaning more towards to the polka dots, even though they're not rock enough. Wink Maybe because that was the first background paper I used, I don't know.

Marissa - thanks! The "denim" is really a linen. Wink It's the same background I used for the words but then I resized the title after I did it, so the texture seems different.

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The first one is really cute. You always lay things out in neat ways!

I like the 3rd background best, then the polka dots, then the stripes. That is a really neat frame! I have that kit, but never noticed the frame! I think you are very creative!

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Sadie - actually, the frame is from another kit ... and I have no idea which one! I did a search on my digital scrapbooking folder for the word "frame" to find out what frames I had, and then opened that one with my program. Wink

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Great job on the bday one. super cute.

And I'm with coffeegirl -- I like the polka dots. I think it makes the pictures stand out more. Even though, yes it's not quite rock enough. Wink

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You are always so creative with how you put your elements and pics together. I love your first page!
On the second one, I like the polka dots. I just think it makes the pictures stand out the best. Dirol

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Very cute birthday layout!

I like the polkadots best.