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Two new pages

Hey guys! I finished a few pages (I have more but haven't taken pics yet) and wanted to share. They were both done for two online challenges I joined. I'll be doing another challenge this week and I'm excited about it! Smile Any CC is welcome!

This one was done for this challenge

This one was done forthis challenge

Thanks for looking!

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You design on both of them is really great! Good luck with the's a great page!

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Wow, those are great! I really love the flower in the second one and how you did the title in the first one, I'm going to check out those challenges.

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Thanks! Smile

The flower in the first one was just hand cut petals glued together and a button in the middle.

The title in the second one is a sticker sheet set. I got them from Hobby Lobby but these are them

I just realized, after looking at their website, that I have a ton of their stickers. YAY Smile

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Those are both beautiful! So neat and clean looking. Not to mention the pics are adorable... how could they not be with Paxton being the model!

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Those are so cute!

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So cute! Good luck with the challenge!

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These are both really nice!!
My fav is the first one, love the colors/buttons and how clean the LO is!

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those are terrific!

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Love both of them, but the second is my fav. Love the handmade flower and the sweet journaling. Very cool. I love the little feet in the first one too BTW.

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My favorite is the first one too. I saved that page so that I could copy some of those sketches! TFS!

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Very cute. I love the simple title of Family on the first one.

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those are great! I love how you did "family" on the first page.

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