Tyler's 1st Birthday Party Pics - LINK!

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Tyler's 1st Birthday Party Pics - LINK!
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It looks like he had a great birthday!! TFS!

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That looks so cool! What fun! TFS

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Wow! Looks like an awesome party!! How much fun!! I"m sure you took TONS of pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing his entire scrapbook devoted to his first birthday!!

(I didn't know that you and Liz were best friends! Cool!)

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Looks like it was a GREAT time! Is that the LA Zoo you went to? That is a GREAT zoo!

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TFS those with us!!! So cool how you and Liz are buds IRL! Loved the pics! What a FUN day!!!

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It was lots of fun!!! Aja and I have been BFFs for 14 years! Of course i had to go to Tyler's party.

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That is a great idea for a party! Looks like everyone had a great time!

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TFS - looks like it was a blast!

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"jd6405" wrote:

Looks like it was a GREAT time! Is that the LA Zoo you went to? That is a GREAT zoo!

It was the Oakland Zoo....I think it's small compared to other zoo's out there, but regardless it was still fun.....the last I went was w/ Liz sometime around highschool. LOL Remember the road trip that went along w/ it Liz! LMAO

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I recognized that zoo. I didn't even think of holding a b-day party there, of course Patricks b-day is in the dead of winter. I'm too afraid to do something like that. Not that it would snow in Oakland, more than likely but the chance of rain would hold over me until the day was over. One of these years were going to hold a summer party at Childrens Fairyland.

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Looks like a great b-day party!!! I don't think we could ever choose the zoo for my kids b-days. Kaylee's is in January and its usually cold, Mikey's is in March during spring break and the zoo here is very crowded then and Lexi's is in May and its too hot then, lol. Great pictures, can't wait to see what you scrap with them.

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It looks like everyone had a great time! What a fun birthday! I can't wait to see your LO's for his birthday!

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Oh my! I love all the whip cream on that cake. That is fabulous. Looks like a great party. Way to go, Mommy!

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Awww...what sweet photos! Looks like fun! TFS!

BTW... Ruthie's first b-day party was Madagascar too!