Tyson's 1st fever need prayers

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Tyson's 1st fever need prayers

Hey girls well I knew it would not be long till my Tyson got sick from school Sad I went well over a year with him not having a fever and then not even one month of school and he is burning up. Please keep him in your prayers that he won't go into a seizure! Dh had to go in to work today. I have never been by myself when Tyson has gone into one cause I panic like a moron! He is in front of me sleeping right now. I just hope to god that if anything happens (knock on wood) that I will be strong through it and not panic. I HAVE TO! I hope he will be okay with the meds he is on. He did have one bad fever without a seizure since he has been on these meds so I hope they work again. I was up all night watching him sleep and am now on my 2nd cup of coffee just to stay awake. He woke up gotta go.

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I hope that his fever breaks soon.

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Hugs and prayers.

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Hope his fever breaks soon. Hang in there. And you will be strong when you have to.

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I hope his fever breaks soon for you! :bigarmhug:

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Definately praying for you and him.

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I hope he feels better soon. I would probably be like you and panic. Wink Stay strong!!! You can do it.

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:bigarmhug:for you, and :bigarmhug:for Tyson. He'll be okay. Praying. KUP!

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2:05 Tyson is still doing okay no seizure so far Smile

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glad he's doing well so far. Still praying here :bigarmhug:

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Hope everything is going ok so far Tia. How is Tyson doing?

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Hope that everything is still okay Tia. I can't imagine how scary this all is for you. Hugs girl!!

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Hey gals small update, we are still good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, Damien also has a fever now and Tyson has a bad cough but Tyson's fever is breaking and we did it without a seizure!!!!!! He still has a small fever but normally it happens right as he gets the fever not days after. I hope to be back soon to reply to everyone. Thanks for the prayers!!!:D

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I'm so glad he's doing better! I missed this also the day you posted it, guess I was MIA for a day or two.