U/S and first Appt. (totally OT)

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U/S and first Appt. (totally OT)

Well, due to more bleeding, my doctor had me come in today. She gave me a trans-vaginal u/s and we got to see our baby!! It was so clear! We could see and hear the tiny heartbeat. It was 167 bpm. Praise the Lord, nothing is wrong with the baby! She thinks I may have just busted some cervical blood vessels...probably lifting something or straining too much. So she ordered me to take it easy for a week and not lift anything. But everything looked good. Baby measured at 8 weeks 0 days, but she is going to keep my due date at March 2nd.
Anyways, wanted to update you all. Smile

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I'm so happy that everything is well with your little jellybean. It's nice to be reassured. Thanks for the update, I love hearing about how the pregos are doing. I miss being in that category (sometimes).

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I'm so glad that the baby is perfect. And I second the doctor's order, take it easy!

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I'm glad to hear everything with the baby is good. Now you make sure you rest and follow what the doctor says!

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So glad to hear that everything is perfect with the little baby! Take it easy!

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SO glad to hear everything is great with baby!! Now go put your feet up!! Smile

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Aww, so nice that you got to see her. Glad everything is well Smile :) Smile

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I'm glad the U/S went well and the baby is looking good! I'm thinking GIRL. Smile

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That's GREAT!!!!!! Glad all is well!

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What a relief! Now go put your feet up, maybe do some scrapbooking? I miss seeing all of your work!

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I'm glad everything is ok.... and i'm sorry i haven't been around much but....

I did NOT know you were pregnant! Lol congratulations!! Biggrin

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go lay down girl!! glad that you have a perfect little baby in there Biggrin

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Oh good! I pmed you before I ever read this so ignore the pm. I am so glad everything is okay I was so worried about you!

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Sounds great! That sucks that you've had some bleeding, I hope it doesn't continue!