ugh...LOVE the picture...HATE the page!

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ugh...LOVE the picture...HATE the page!

i don't like the frame color or the journaling. and of course Eli messed with it while it was open and flattened and saved the picture, so i can't change the elements. I have to re-do it. An suggestions??

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I like the LO, I think the gray color of the frame is what gets me. I think if that had some color (maybe something from the book) to make it pop.

That really is a cute picture.

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I like the LO too, but agree that it needs some color changes. I like the journaling like it is though, not sure what to change. I'm sure someone else will have some great ideas though. GL

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how about something with a more primary colored theme? I think black and white photos need something around them to make them pop. Maybe pull in some of the same colors as are in the book.

Do you have a title for the page? Then maybe you could put the journaling as more of a subtitle.

Just random thoughts. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone! I agree that the frame needs color....I think page/frame would be better with a color photo.

OK, off to re-do the page. I'll post it when i'm done

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I agree that the frame needs color. Right now it blends right into the b&w picture.
I think that I would make the picture and frame a little bigger too so that it is more of the focal point.

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I htink it's the frame as well - the color, and it kinda takes over the picture, which is so adorable. I love the ribbon wrapping around the frame, but I'm not sure if goes with this photo ...

Also, I don't know about the journalling on top of the ribbon - gives it less of a 3D look, iykwim. I might reverse the journalling so it goes along the left side and then the top, not the bottom, to make it fit better?

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can't wait to see the new layout. Wink

I think you need a thinner frame too - the thickness takes away from Eli (love the picture though!)

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ITA with all the above comments. Definitely go with bolder colors, make the frame smaller and a different color. But the one thing that really hit me, and I didn't read the above comments too carefully, so forgive me if this has already been stated, the ribbon is a great touch but it almost hides the journaling. So either withdraw the ribbon and make it a simpler statmenet or make it a more bold outlined choice for the journaling.